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Rent the Grotto

Important Notice:

11/09/21 - Approved by vote and set in motion by special meeting of the Board of Governors, all Rental Requests for the Sahara Grotto building must henceforth be submitted using the following Application for Approval to rent the Grotto.
  • All fields must be completed and accurate information provided for consideration.
  • Once your Application has been completed and submitted, a designated individual will contact you within 48 hours of your request.
  • Rental insurance is required at the time of booking as well as the full price of the Rental.
  • Per the Board of Governors, from the Approved date and going forward no one will be allowed to rent the Grotto in any other fashion by going to the Prophet Monarch, Board, or in any other manner except by use of this Application.
The Board of Governors of Sahara Grotto, Inc.

Application for Rental

To apply for Rental, the information must be completed below.

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