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Stars and Stripes Progressive Raffle

License # 2410-31-3338

Sahara Grotto will begin a new progressive raffle game drawing on Friday nights at 8pm and each Friday thereafter at the same time when we are open.  Theatre-type tickets will be sold beginning immediately at the bar and at weekly Bingo.  The tickets will be sold for $2 each and an individual may purchase as many as they wish.

The first drawing will be May 7th, 2021.  Following are the rules and policies concerning the game.  These rules 01-20 are effective May 1st, 2021 and may be changed without notice as necessary.


01 The Stars & Stripes Raffle is open to the public.  Any individual, 18 years or older, may purchase a ticket(s) for this weekly drawing.  Proper federal identification is required to purchase tickets and collect a prize.

02 Ticket sales for each week will end at 7:45pm on the day of the drawing.  One ticket will be drawn each Friday evening at 8pm.  The cost of each ticket is $2 (two dollars).

03 Tickets are good only for the week in which they were they are purchased.  After the drawing, all tickets will be destroyed, and new tickets must be purchased for the next drawing.  Different color tickets will be used each week.

04 Ticket sales are tracked weekly by ticket numbers.

05 At the conclusion of each week’s drawing, tickets for the next week are available for purchase on the following day the Sahara Grotto is open.

06 Entrants must put their name as listed on their proper federal or state ID (no adhesive labels allowed), the selection of the available raffle board number they choose, and phone number on the back of each ticket purchased.  If the ticket drawn does not have a window number on it, the operator in charge of officiating the drawing will determine that ticket or tickets to be null and void.  The operator will then draw a different ticket corresponding to the window numbers remaining on the board.


07 After the jackpot symbol gets drawn, The Raffle Board is Over.  One of 52 numbers have a jackpot symbol beneath the flap.  The other 51 numbers have individual monetary values.  The drawing is only conducted at the discretion of the Board of Governors.

08 One ticket is drawn each week for one of the 52 numbers selected by the ticket(s) purchased on the raffle.  The symbol under the number on the game board corresponds to one of the five pictures.  There are 10 pictures of George Washington worth $5 each; 10 pictures of Abraham Lincoln worth $10 each; there are 10 pictures of the American Flag worth $20 each; there are 10 pictures of an American Eagle worth $30 each; there are 10 pictures of Lady Liberty worth $50 each.  There is also a jackpot and half-jackpot.

09 The ticket drawn is checked against all ticket numbers sold for that drawing.


10 The beginning Jackpot prize for the initial Stars & Stripes Raffle will be $500.

11 The amount of the jackpot continues to grow each week which the jackpot is not won.  Once the jackpot is won, that raffle board is over.  If the ½ Jackpot is not won before the Jackpot is won, that money will go into the next game.

12 The amount of the ½ Jackpot will grow each week that the Jackpot or ½ Jackpot is not won; however, we will cap the ½ Jackpot at $5,000.  When the ½ Jackpot is won, the prize is what has been collected at that time which is displayed each week directly after the weekly drawing.

13 You, (the person whose name is on the ticket(s), must be present at the Sahara Grotto when your ticket is drawn to receive 100% of any and all prizes based on the raffle board window number you wrote on your drawn ticket.  If you are not present when your ticket is drawn, you will receive 50% of all prizes based on the raffle board number you wrote on your drawn ticket.

14 A list of all previously drawn numbers of the Stars & Stripes Raffle Board are shown on the board itself.  The current Jackpot and ½ Jackpot amounts will be prominently displayed on or near the raffle board at the Sahara Grotto no later than the close of business 3rd business day following the day following the drawing.

15 Prizes of $250 or higher require your full legal name, date of birth, and phone number.  This rule is a requirement from the Indiana Charity Gaming Commission.

16 Prizes if $600 or higher require submission of your full legal name, social security number, and address for IRS and W2-G paperwork to be completed prior to receiving prize money.  This is an IRS requirement.

17 All payouts are made within 5 business days of the drawing.  All the above information must be properly presented prior to the winner receiving their prize money.

18 From the $2 charged for each ticket, 25% of the weekly ticket sales will be retained by Sahara Grotto.  $1 goes in the Jackpot and $.50 in the ½ Jackpot.  In the event an individual wins the Jackpot, and is not present the $500 Jackpot, and is not present the $500 Jackpot start up money will be deducted from the 50% they did not receive.  The balance will be retained by Sahara Grotto.

Miscellaneous Information

19 Disputes All disputes or concerns on this game must be brought to the attention of the Sahara Grotto Board of Governors within 5 business days.

20 If you fully do not understand the Stars & Stripes Raffle Rules herein, please ask any member of the Sahara Grotto to explain any question you may have.

21 The operator (duly licensed individual) drawing the ticket each Friday night cannot have purchased a ticket that week.  Sahara Grotto wishes to remain as transparent as possible and we wish to conduct this game and all games with integrity.  Although the Indiana Gaming Commission would allow the operator to be in the drawing, The Sahara Grotto has elected to have a stricter rule and accordingly, Sahara Grotto can implement this rule. 

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